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Fear of Failure

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I'm so blessed to receive so much positive feedback on my "26-Year-old stay at home wife" blog! I thought I would be writing to myself and no one would read my posts! Within the first day, I had over 180 views! I was honestly terrified. Given the fact that you are putting yourself on the line for all the naysayers. Will people actually read what what I have to say..and like it? Would my first comment be a troll? Should I just not post this?

I'm just so glad to know there are other woman out there who think like me!

I was overwhelmed by the number of friends and family members that had that felt the same way! I had no idea! These typically aren't things we talk about.

In today's work, it's expected for you to just go to work and make a living. We aren't talking about staying at home at all. And to be the one person out of all your friends or family who values the concept of staying home is frightening.

I want my blogs to be a safe space for open discussion, positivity, and inspiration.

I want other working millennial's to be able to say what others refuse to. To talk about a concept that seems to be "old fashion."

Even if you don't share the same values of staying at home, I'm sure there is something you do that people don't agree with. I have friends that spend all their disposable income traveling. They could care less about owning a home and prefer to rent.

I have friends who prefer to stay single, since having a relationship is too complicated at this age. I don't get it but, it's not meant for me or anyone else to understand. Can we acknowledge that people take different paths - absolutely!

I got married at 25 which some people would say that's young, in my eyes I thought that was old. In a perfect world, I would have been married at 22. I know other people who are in their 30's who are just now thinking about getting married. I also know people who are in their 30's who aren't in any rush to get married at all.

I believe the biggest fear for us millennial's today is the fear of failure. We are raised to fend for ourselves. In a sense, nothing was handed to this generation. We are the ones who were closing the divides and breaking molds. We are the ones who were the redefined movers and shakers. We created terms influencers and content creators. We are the ones that make all the other generations uncomfortable with our way of thinking.

We live in a world where having a YouTube channel is a career.

We can get paid monetizing our Social Media accounts.

We can work from home and still make more money than our parents ever could.

We were the ones who quit our jobs to travel the world solo.

We are creating our paths.

We are by far the most diverse and eclectic group.

It's time for us to get comfortable with the idea that we will make the right decision. To let go of that fear of failure and replace it with faith of fruition.

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