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I finally got my wedding dress preserved!

Atlas, after one year and 12 days, I have finally parted ways with my wedding dress. I finally took my dress to the dry cleaners for Preservation. I was dreading this part because I felt as though this was a symbol of my wedding festivities coming to a true end. One day (night) is not long enough to celebrate!

Over the past year my wedding dress was hanging up in my closet. I would occasionally take a peek at it here and there and gaze at the beauty of the dress I once wore.

I would think to myself, would my daughter wear this one day? would it be in style? would she like my veil? should I get the dressed framed liked those pictures you see on Pinterest?

After all, like most brides their wedding day is the only day their dress will see the light of day.

I thought, should I put it on display? should I take more bridal photos a year later?

hahaha, no.

As I was walking out of the dry cleaners tonight, I almost cried at the thought of parting ways with the dress. will they take care of it? will they ruin it? do they know how to handle it? These people are professionals, everything will (better be) fine. I think this dress was my first baby.

In reality, shame on me, I should have taken it to the cleaners sooner! You typically don't want to wait as long as I did to get your dress preserved.

The "wedding" chapter of my marriage has officially come to an end, a year and 12 days later LOL, I can't believe it.

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